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Channel Letters
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Windsor Locks Channel Letters


Any type of business will get a revenue boost if its building is represented by professionally made signage. If you’re looking for a storefront sign that can improve your company’s visuals in the best ways possible, you would want to take advantage of our Windsor Locks, CT channel letters.

Custom Channel Letter Building Sign

Alltime Sign & Design is a leading signage company that has worked for countless companies, helping them improve both their outdoor and indoor look with industry-grade channel letters and dimensional letters. Any text, symbol, or image that you want to turn into 3-dimensional elements can be done through this sign type.

These letters can be fully customized to match any business’s needs, whether it may be a startup or an established player. Just contact our number, and we’ll tell you how we can deliver all the services you need to get them, including graphic designing, installing, manufacturing, and even repairing.

Let Alltime Sign & Design professionally handle all your signage needs. We can provide you with everything from quality Windsor Locks channel letters to the largest banners, pole signs, or even murals.

Call Alltime Sign & Design today at (860) 847-7397 for your Free Consultation with a Windsor Locks Channel Letter expert!

Storefront Channel Letters

Since channel letters are made of individually cut elements, they are very customizable. With their hollow structures, you can even have them illuminated with electronic lighting!

Custom Channel Letter SignChannel letters are one of the most used sign types in the industry. This is mainly because, aside from their versatility in design, they are also durable. You can expect that anything you display using channel letters, whether it’s your company name, logo, or other branded images, can stay attractive and brand-new-looking for a long time.

Let us know the details of your brand, such as your color palettes, personality, and even your desired sizes and shapes. We’ll take care of turning your brand and ideas into reality, fitting them into your building facade, and using all the best materials available based on your local environment.

Furthermore, installing your channel letters typically has two options. You can either directly attach them to the facade of your building or use a raceway mount to carry all the letters together. If you want a more attractive appearance, go with the first option. On the other hand, if you want a quick installation process, a raceway mount will do the job.

If you want a quick and easy way to make your business look professional, our Windsor Locks channel letters are the best option. Any type of establishment can use them, from retail businesses like restaurants to more formal institutions like universities and hospitals.

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters have the same look and feel as that of channel letters. But instead of being hollow, dimensional letters are solid blocks all throughout their bodies. You can still have illuminated through other styles, like backlighting or with face-lit translucent acrylic faces.

Storefront SignSimilar to channel letters, the design versatility of dimensional letters is endless. They can also be customized to display any image, symbol, number, or text that you need to represent your business. They can also come in a wide variety of materials, including metal, plastic, Cor-ten steel, stainless steel, copper, bronze, acrylic, brass, acrylic, aluminum, and foam.

Since channel letters and dimensional letters are similar in look, the latter can also be used in a myriad of business types. You can get them whether you run a restaurant, a shopping mall, or an office. You can use them for indoor lobby signs or outdoor storefront signs. The options are endless!

Backlit & Illuminated Channel Signs

Channel letters and dimensional letters already have their own high-quality appeal. But if you want to optimize visibility and allure, you can try exploring illumination. There are many ways to light up these signs for the extra charm, including open lighting, halo lighting, backlighting, and the standard front lighting.

Lighted SignWith the many options available, there will definitely be the perfect one for your brand and personal preferences in design. Anything you pick can help you outshine your competitors and business neighbors. Needless to say, lighting can also make your building highly visible even during the night or in low-visibility weather. You don’t even have to worry about energy consumption because our LED lights demand low electricity and are environmentally friendly!

Businesses that have night shifts like gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants, clubs, theatres, and cafes should take advantage of our illuminated signs.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

Windsor Locks Channel Letters alltime logo 1Grab the chance to improve the visuals of your business building. With Alltime Sign & Design’s Windsor Locks channel letters and our signage experts’ top-notch services, you can boost how your business looks, which will effectively attract your target audience.

If you’re looking for an attention-grabbing storefront sign or elegant vinyl graphics, Alltime Sign & Design is here for you. We can do everything with high efficiency and reasonable costs, from signage design and manufacturing to installation and repairs.

Call Alltime Sign & Design today at (860) 847-7397 for your Free Consultation with a Windsor Locks Channel Letter expert!